Is A
Business Imperative


Our Insight

We are living in a multicultural nation.  Over a third of the United States today is multicultural, with 17% Hispanic, 13% African-American and 5% Asian-American.  While the country is expected to become a multicultural majority nation by 2040, the multicultural future is already here.  The top 20 DMAs in the U.S. are multicultural majorities and half all of millennials will be multicultural by 2020.  Indeed, the multicultural consumer is the growth driver of almost every industry from consumer products and retail to automotive and telecom.  

While the face of the nation has changed, the face of business has not.  There are not enough professionals of color in global business roles to help companies properly connect and engage with the multicultural consumer.  This is about having diverse talent running a P&L, in the C-Suite and on the Board.  This is about business.      


Don't Confuse
Motion and Progress


Don't confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but doesn't make any progress
- Alfred A. Montapert

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The Challenge

All great missions require initiative.  For too long there has been the same conversations about diversity.   Lots of motion, yet little progress.  A group of leading executives in the technology, entertainment, advertising, media and marketing (TEAMM) industries have come together to affect change and address the ongoing challenges of Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Awareness.  To take initiative.   

Forming the I.D.E.A. Initiative, our mission is to create a group that is focused on bringing a business lens to the multicultural conversation.  I.D.E.A. will highlight executives of color in business and provide forums to bring together leaders to discuss diverse perspectives about industry challenges and opportunities. 


Be In The Room
Where It Happens


Our Mission

Our mission is to change the landscape in the technology, entertainment, advertising, media and marketing (TEAMM) industries by highlighting business executives of color and providing forums for leaders to share diverse perspectives about industry challenges and opportunities. 


Our Goals

Business is all about growth.  At I.D.E.A., we're about promoting growth through a multicultural lens. 

01. the business

Diversity conversations are often led by HR.  
There is an opportunity for business operators to play a leadership role and drive impact. I.D.E.A. creates the forums to have the dialogue with a business lens. 
02. the education

What do rising executives of color need to know about running a P&L?  
Entering the C-Suite? Joining a board?  I.D.E.A. helps members learn what they need to know to succeed.  
03. the talent

How many times have we heard "We can't find diverse talent"?  
I.D.E.A. has a comprehensive list of multicultural business leaders. We celebrate their accomplishments and support their ambitions. We can connect you.
04. the pipeline

As we climb the corporate ladder, we must ensure we are lifting up the next generation.  
I.D.E.A. pays it forward by building a leadership pipeline of emerging talent and connects them to today's leaders.

The Initiative starts with you.



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